Permanent jury composed by professionals (Music producers, choreographers, singers, artistic directors, music institute directors, musical journalist, entertainers) is in charge of the preselection to reveal the shortlist per category (Step 1). Then each judge chooses its winner in each category (Step 2). Counts for 25%.The permanent jury guarantees the technical prerequisites of an eligible production.


Public voting The public designates who is the best from its perspective through a paid system counts for 75%. One person, one vote for each voting platform.

The Song of the Year is chosen exclusively by the public which voting counts for 100%.

5 finalists selected per category

  • Reception of candidacy via a link (Digital application form) Application can be submitted by the artist himself or anyone else through www.jayliawards.com
  • Selection and evaluation by each judge separately
  • Compilation of the scores by the bailiff and the President of the jury and two representatives of C.Waï company
  • The tribute award is designated exclusively by C.Waï staff.